How much money can you make from Trees?

Money does grow on trees!

We did research on how much money you can make per tree per year. We do have to make a side note; there are a lot of variables that play a role in your earnings. Climate has a lot of impact on harvest size, the local price for your harvest, and demand. However, this list should give you a good idea of what you could expect.

Tree SpeciesHarvest (Volume per Tree)Retail Value per Harvest
Baobab50-100 kg fruit, 5-10 L oil$500-$1000 (fruit), $200-$400 (oil)
Jackfruit100-200 kg fruit$500-$1000
Durian100-150 kg fruit$1000-$2000
Andiroba4-5 L oil$100-$150
Brazil Nut30-50 kg nuts$300-$500
Mango100-300 kg fruit$500-$1500
Walnut30-60 kg nuts$300-$600
Argan3-5 L oil$300-$500
Olive20-40 kg olives, 3-8 L oil$100-$200 (olives), $120-$320 (oil)
Avocado100-300 kg fruit$800-$2400
Almond30-80 kg nuts$300-$800
Cashew20-40 kg nuts$200-$400
Coconut50-150 coconuts$200-$600
Fig20-50 kg fruit$200-$500
Hazelnut20-40 kg nuts$200-$400
Macadamia20-40 kg nuts$400-$800
Papaya100-200 kg fruit$400-$800
Pistachio20-40 kg nuts$400-$800
Pecan30-60 kg nuts$300-$600
Pine (Pinus spp.)5-10 kg pine nuts$100-$200
Rubber100-200 L latex$200-$400
Sapodilla60-120 kg fruit$300-$600
Tamarind50-100 kg fruit$250-$500
Apple150-400 kg fruit$300-$1000
Prune (Plum)50-100 kg fruit$200-$400
Moringa2-4 kg leaves, 5-10 L oil$40-$80 (leaves), $100-$200 (oil)
Eucalyptus10-20 L oil, 2-4 kg leaves$200-$400 (oil), $40-$80 (leaves)
Cinnamon2-4 kg bark$50-$100
Cork Oak50-200 kg cork$200-$800
Lemon100-200 kg fruit$200-$400
Orange200-500 kg fruit$400-$1000
Peach50-150 kg fruit$200-$600
Cherry50-100 kg fruit$400-$800
Apricot50-100 kg fruit$200-$400
Lychee50-150 kg fruit$250-$750
Coffee5-10 kg green beans$50-$100
Cocoa (Cacao)20-50 kg beans$100-$250
Tea1-3 kg leaves$30-$90
Date Palm50-150 kg dates$200-$600

Frederik Lamote

Frederik is the founder of, a startup that is 3D printing Treehouses. While exploring treehouse locations around the world he got fascinated by the value and products trees produce.

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