What is Carob? And Why is it so Special?

Ever seen chips that don’t contain chocolate but something that looks like it? Ever wondered if there is something that exists that is just like chocolate, but just a tad different? Then we would like to introduce you to carob! 

Carob comes from a pod that hangs on the evergreen tree. It is naturally sweet and has a nutty taste to it. It gets used in a powder consistency and often gets used as a substitute for chocolate, as the taste is somewhat similar. 

Carob is much more than just a substitute for chocolate. It contains many different health benefits, is known as a superfood, and is just as healthy if not healthier. Curious? Continue reading! 

What is Carob Exactly?

Carob is native to the Mediterranean, it is an evergreen tree that is part of the legume family, and also known by the name Locust beam or St John’s bean.  The tree produces pods. Once the pods have ripened, the pulp on the insi