The Benefits of Baobab Fruit

Early adventurers thought this tree was planted upside down because the branches look like roots. The baobab tree is a very remarkable tree indeed.

What is Baobab?

The baobab is an African tree, also called the Adansonia Digitata). Baobab Trees can grow up to 3000 years old and can get humongous. They can reach heights of 25 meters and become so thick that hollow trees are actually used as shelters.

Because the tree has so many applications, Africans also call it “the tree of life”. The powder of the tree is so healing it is often treated as a holy tree.

The Health Benefits of Baobab

Baobab is mainly used for its exceptional pre-biotic fibre. The powder contains about 50% pectin, a water-soluble fibre that is very beneficial for the gut. In Africa baobab is even given as a remedy for diarrhoea. Baobab is truly a gut biome superfood.

Besides fibre, baobab contains loads of anti-oxidants, calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Baobab is particularly rich in Vitamin C, 40 to 50 grams of pulp covers Recommended Daily Intake.

  • Baobab fruit is a good pre biotic fibre
  • High in Anti-oxidants, calcium, vitamins and minerals
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Used against diareah

How does Baobab Taste?

Baobab fruit has a light sweet-sour citric taste. It’s great to combine in smoothies and desserts. Our favourite way to use Baobab powder is in coconut yoghurt

Is it safe to eat Baobab?

Baobab has been consumed by people for centuries without any known side effects. Even more recent studies on baobab consumption have proven its health benefits.

It is mainly the baobab fruit that is consumed and is very safe to eat.

The leaves are safe for consumption too.

Are Baobab leaves edible?

Yes! Baobab leaves are edible and quite tasty actually. The young leaves are the best and are often consumed raw in a salad. These young leaves can also be prepared as spinach. The use of the baobab leaves are very similar to the use of Moringa leaves.

Baobab leaves are often grounded into powder. This powder is used in stews and act as a thickening agent.

Is Baobab good for weight loss?

Yes, the prebiotic fibre in Baobab cultivates a good gut biome which has many weight loss benefits. Good gut bacteria will improve your digestion, reduce fat storage, keep you fuller and more energized.

Does Baobab boost your immune system?

Baobab works on many levels to boost the immune system.

How baobab fruit improves the immune system:

  • High levels of Vitamin C are known to have great benefits for the immune system
  • The prebiotic fibre pectin is great for the gut biome, a healthy gut biome is important to fight off viruses and infections
  • Other vitamins and minerals, like magnesium support immune cells in the body

The leaves of the baobab tree have been used traditionally to improve health. In the western world, we mostly only find the powder of the Baobab fruit in stores.

What is the market size for Baobab Fruit?

Let’s talk about business now. The aim of Treetarian is to make people eat more tree products. We are very happy to see that Baobab consumption is growing at a very nice rate.  

This Businesswire article predicts the global market for Baobab Powder, estimated at US$6 Billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US$8.5 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.1% over the period 2020-2027

Demand for Baobab powder will increase by 40% in 7 years! Taking in account it takes 15 to 20 years for a Baobab tree to bear fruit, we better start planting some Baobab trees.

How to grow a Baobab Tree?

Most Baobab trees grow in Africa. They need a lot of sun and well-drained ground. Baobab can be grown in the US in sunny regions like the south of California or Florida.


The combination of health-, ecological and economic benefits of the Baobab trees are enormous. We are excited for the future of this tree food and hope this article and our recipes can inspire you to consume more of this amazing product.

Frederik Lamote

Having a deep fascination and respect for nature, my life's mission is to bring the world more in harmony with nature.

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