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Andiroba Seed

Andiroba has been utilised for medicinal reasons in the Amazon region, mostly in Brazil, for many centuries. Its oil, bark, and leaves are traditionally utilised to treat fever, cough, inflammations, wounds, herpes ulcers. But because of its progressive demand in the beauty sector, Andiroba Oil is now also being used in natural hair care and skincare products.

But chances are you’ve never heard of Andiroba Oil and how it’s used. In this post, you will discover more about this fantastic tree oil and the incredible benefits you may gain from using it.

Where is andiroba oil from?

The native tree Carapa guianensis, also known as Andiroba or Crabwood, grows in the Amazon, Central America, and the Caribbean. It is related to the Mahogany family but is not classified as genuine mahogany. The oil, which is used in cosmetic products, is extracted from the Andiroba seed and takes 25 days to be produced. One of its special benefits is that no chemicals are added to the manufacturing process, making it completely organic and natural.

What are the benefits of andiroba oil?

Andiroba oil provides remarkable benefits due to its natural vitamin and mineral content. And here are the benefits you’ll get when you utilise it:

  • It treats inflammations and joint pain
  • It prevents premature skin ageing
  • It improves skin elasticity
  • It is an insect repellant
  • It promotes hair growth

Andiroba oil is an anti-inflammatory

Andiroba oil is one of the most well-known therapeutic oils in the Amazon. It has been used to treat inflammations due to the presence of Tetranortriterpenoids in seed oil – a chemical compound with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. It can assist to calm your skin in various skin inflammatory conditions including eczema and psoriasis.

Andiroba oil is a natural insect repellent

There are many marketed insect repellents including synthetic ingredients that are harmful not just to human health but also to the environment too. Andiroba oil is the perfect alternative to eliminate insects in a natural way. The oil is all-natural and organic, and with just a few sprays of it, it drives away the pests.

Andiroba oil prevents premature skin ageing

Premature skin ageing is caused by UV radiation, and it is one of the most common skin problems that most people have. UV radiation, which is naturally present in the sun, destroys the skin’s connective tissue, causing collagen and elastin fibers to break down. The good news is that antioxidants are the ones that keep this from happening. Antioxidants are substances that protect your skin cells from free radical damage. Andiroba oil is high in antioxidants, which combat free radicals and prevent premature skin aging, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and other skin disorders caused by skin cell damage.

Andiroba oil improves skin elasticity

With its natural group of alpha-hydroxy acids, Andiroba oil strengthens collagen to promote skin elasticity and promotes collagen production. Consistent use of cosmetic products containing andiroba oil such as serum, lotion, cream, moisturiser, can result in plumper, more supple, and healthy-looking skin. 

Andiroba oil promotes hair growth

Andiroba oil promotes hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp and strengthening the hair’s structure. Because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it soothes your scalp and removes dandruff.

How do you use andiroba oil?

With the benefits listed above, there are different ways how to utilise andiroba oil to reap those benefits:

For skin:

  • It can be used as a moisturiser.
  • It can be used as a serum. 
  • It’s a wonderful addition to other moisturising products such as lotions and creams. 
  • It’s also ideal for use in massage oils as a carrier oil.

For hair:

  • It is a deep conditioning treatment for dry and damaged hair.
  • It is a natural curl enhancer

Where to buy organic andiroba oil

If you’re interested in purchasing andiroba oil, check out my list of organic andiroba oil shops:

The Rain Forest Chica sells butter and oils from the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. This shop offers genuine organic andiroba oil, thus you can trust them as they work with non-timber forest products (NTFPs) and help local and indigenous wild harvesting communities. Their products are harvested by fair-paying locals and manufactured by small Brazilian cooperatives and processing companies that share their commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Naturally Thinking is a skincare brand that sells natural skincare products and teaches aspiring skincare enthusiasts to make zero waste skincare products. 

Wrapping Up: Should you use andiroba oil?

I highly recommend using the Andiroba oil. With the benefits mentioned in this article, it offers wonderful health benefits. Also, the Treetarian blog encourages you to consume tree-based products with greater awareness by promoting products that will help in planting more and maintaining more trees. 


Frederik Lamote

Frederik is the founder of, a startup that is 3D printing Treehouses. While exploring treehouse locations around the world he got fascinated by the value and products trees produce.

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