Açai vs. Maqui: Which is healthier?

The açai berry and the Maqui berry look very similar, you would very easily confuse these two purple berries. I personally love to make açaí bowls and get a very similar bowl with the maqui berry which is often a bit cheaper than the Açai. But I wondered if the health benefits were the same, so I went on an investigation and present the result here. 

What the Maqui berry and Açai berry have in common

  • Appearance: both have a deep purple colour and are similar in size
  • Both high in Anthocyanins content (which makes for the purple colour), but read on, there is a difference in the kind of Anthocyanins
  • Both grow on a palm tree in South America
  • Both are mostly sold as freeze dried powder or frozen pulp

Nutritional Value